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2019 Appointments

Appointments for the 2019 season will be made through Who's the Umpire. Members will receive notification of this through the regular newsletters.

In order to be appointed to Regional Competitions umpires must have a grading of at least C2, be a member of the ECB ACO and have current DBS certification.

Umpires Expenses

The Committee has been keen to further simplify the structure of umpire allowances, and also to protect members from possible investigation from HMRC. As a result, the expenses for appointments made by BACO in 2019 will be as follows:

45 for all matches

All umpires appointed by the Appointments Officer to Bucks Cricket Board games should be aware that they will not be paid cash on the day this year. If internet banking can be set up in time umpires will have the option to be paid directly into their bank or be sent a cheque from our Association two or three days after the game has been played. 

Bucks Over 50s and 60s games will, as has been the case, be paid in cash on the day.


Travel to Bucks CC Matches

Bucks CC have offered to give free travel to umpires appointed to O50s and O60s matches, if it is needed. Should this be an option you would like to take advantage of, the Appointments Officer will be able to put you in touch with the relevant person to try and work out the logistics.