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Treasurer and Membership


These remain at 15.00 for those actively umpiring or scoring, and 7.50 for Friends of Bucks ACO. Please ensure that the correct subscription is paid to Derek Milsom since, for insurance reasons, Bucks ACO cannot appoint any member to officiate in a match who has not paid the full subscription.


BACO has recently redesigned its members tie and these are available from also from the Treasurer, Derek Milsom, at a cost of 7.50.

Membership Details

We try to keep our costs to a minimum by sending information by e-mail if possible; however, we need to keep our records up to date, so if you have e-mail access would you please confirm your e-mail address to Derek Milsom, who is the keeper of our membership database.If you are unsure whether you have paid or would like a form to open a standing order, please contact Paul.

ECB Membership

The ECB ACO is a separate organisation for insurance purposes so membership of ECB ACO alone does not entitle you to be appointed to matches by Bucks ACO since you will not be covered by the Bucks ACO insurance policy. Membership of Bucks ACO will entitle you (subject to any grading requirements) to be appointed to Bucks youth cricket, school matches, ladies cricket, Bucks over 50 matches, Bucks Cup and various friendly fixtures.

DBS Certificate

When your old CRB certificate expires it will be replaced by the new DBS certificate; in principle it is the same and the only change is the process you need to go through to get it.

You should receive an e-mail from Edgbaston 3 months before your existing certificate expires, advising you to apply for a renewal and telling you how to obtain the paperwork. In order to assist you, as Membership Officer I receive a monthly report from Edgbaston advising me of the membership status of all ECBACO members within Bucks. For those who are members of Bucks ACO, I will check whose DBS certificate is due to expire in the next 3 months and will send you a reminder, together with the process to be followed; this will probably mean that you are informed twice but I believe that twice is better than not at all.

In order to obtain the required paperwork, you will need to contact a company called TCM. They will send you the required forms together with a check list and a list of approved DBS verifiers within Bucks. It is down to you to contact one of the verifiers. Once you have done all of this you must then send your completed form to DBS, which is a government department that looks after all such certification.

Once the form has been checked DBS will send the certificate back to you; they also inform TCM that this has been done. TCM will then write to you asking you to send the completed DBS certificate on to them. You must do this to complete the process. TCM will verify it on behalf of ECB and then send the certificate back to you. This will complete the new simplified process which should take no more than 8 weeks from start to finish.

You should check your current certificate and add 3 years to the issue date to give you the expiry date. However, please note that you are responsible for getting it renewed and then let the membership secretary, Derek Milsom, know it has been done.