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Treasurer and Membership


These remain at 15.00 for those actively umpiring or scoring, and 7.50 for Friends of Bucks ACO. Please ensure that the correct subscription is paid to Derek Milsom since, for insurance reasons, Bucks ACO cannot appoint any member to officiate in a match who has not paid the full subscription.


BACO has recently redesigned its members tie and these are available from also from the Treasurer, Derek Milsom, at a cost of 7.50.

Membership Details

We try to keep our costs to a minimum by sending information by e-mail if possible; however, we need to keep our records up to date, so if you have e-mail access would you please confirm your e-mail address to Derek Milsom, who is the keeper of our membership database.If you are unsure whether you have paid or would like a form to open a standing order, please contact Paul.

ECB Membership

The ECB ACO is a separate organisation for insurance purposes so membership of ECB ACO alone does not entitle you to be appointed to matches by Bucks ACO since you will not be covered by the Bucks ACO insurance policy. Membership of Bucks ACO will entitle you (subject to any grading requirements) to be appointed to Bucks youth cricket, school matches, ladies cricket, Bucks over 50 matches, Bucks Cup and various friendly fixtures.

The New DBS Renewal Procedure as advised by ECB ACO

The online DBS application system has been active for about a year and has improved the issue time from 3 months to just a few days.

Now, as a new volunteer applicant, you will be automatically enrolled onto the annual update service (unless you opt out) and DBS checks for those enrolled will be updated every 12 months.

The 3-year duration period which DBS checks have until now been valid for therefore no longer applies.

The only exception to this is if you choose to opt out of the update service at the very beginning i.e. within 25 days from the certificate issue date in this case the 3 year expiry will remain and you will not be automatically renewed at the end of it.

For those who remain opted in, the DBS renewal date will be pushed back by a year each time the annual update check is carried out.

You will receive an Annual Status Update by email which will ask you to choose to either opt out and deny a new status check, or remain and give permission for the ECB to check your current status with the DBS.

Things will then progress in one of the following ways:

  1. You choose to remain opted in and allow the checks - these will take place and if no new information is revealed you will be informed that your DBS has been renewed for another year.
  2. You choose to opt out not allowing the checks - you will be removed from auto-updates and your vetting clearances will be terminated meaning that your DBS will not be valid for any role.
  3. If there is an anomaly in the data, leading to a data mis-match, the ECB will contact you by email.

If you fail to respond to the initial Annual Status Update email in 7 days, it will be assumed that you wish to remain on the Update Service and one of either 1, 2 or 4 above will result.

If you have any queries, please contact Derek Milsom (derekmilsom@aol.com}