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The ECB ACO now requires each county to allocate grades to all umpires. For the majority of umpires the grade ranges from C1 to C6, and in order to be graded at a particular level, the umpire should have been appointed to at least 6 matches at that level in the most recent season. The criteria must be applied rigorously, and are as follows:

C1 Umpires in a Premier League (e.g. Home Counties or Middlesex);
C2 Umpires in Division 1 of a Feeder League (e.g. Thames Valley or Cherwell);
C3 Umpires in Divisions 2 and 3 of a Feeder League;
C4 Umpires in Divisions 4 and below of a Feeder League;
C5 Umpires in other non-Feeder Leagues (e.g. Chiltern, Mid Bucks, OCA or Four Counties);
C6 Those who umpire only in friendlies or school matches, newly appointed umpires or not actively umpiring at present.
The grading sub-committee is chaired by the County Performance Officer, David Browne. The gradings are reviewed annually, after the end of the season. If you have any questions about grade please contact David Browne or Derek Milsom.